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5 Key Features of the New

5 Key Features of the New


published 11.24.14

We’ve launched!

We are thrilled to announce the redesign of! We have kept the core elements but have worked to increase the usability of the site!

It’s All about Community!

Every day, we are amazed by the rapid and widespread adoption of Biml! We love hearing about people’s experiences, from first-time Biml users to experienced users exploring creative solutions to integrate Biml into their projects. To better enable this growing community, we wanted to make learning and sharing Biml code even easier.

Listed below are five key new features that work toward that goal:

Updated Navigation & Iconography

In addition to the obvious visual improvements of the site, we have updated the navigation bar. It is now placed consistently at the top of all pages and floats when the page is scrolled. This enables quick and clear navigation to any area of the site in just a click or two. This change freed up space on the home page where the navigation tiles used to be. Now we have a banner area to feature upcoming Biml events and other great content opportunities.

Browse Content Feature Restructured for Ease of Use

We took a long hard look at this feature, since it was the main place to browse for Biml resources. The big block buttons and flat grid presentation made poor use of screen real estate and created the potential to overwhelm the user. To address these issues, we moved the main category icons to the side and put the “Group By” radial selectors at the top. We also decided to display the user contributions in a collapsible list form so that you see things such as ratings, dates, and tags even when that “Group By” selector isn’t selected.

Events Page

We have created a page that is devoted to all the Biml events around the globe including webinars! If you know of an event online or in your area, now you can let others know about it through Just as with external content, you can continue to manage your event using whichever sites and tools you prefer. This is simply a mechanism to aggregate Biml events around the world.

Biml Break

Probably one of the most fun features we integrated into the new site is the ability to share the benefits of using Biml in your work and life. We now have a designated page where you are able to upload images of doing something you love with the time you saved by using Biml. If you happen to be doing it in a biml t-shirt, that’s even better! You’re your submission is approved by administrators, the community will be able to like and comment on your Biml Break. Join us in celebrating how fun BI can be when you using awesome tools like Biml to eliminate rote work and let you focus on the fun aspects of BI again – and maybe also have a little time left over for yourself.

Contribution by Linking to External Content

Are you and avid blogger or like writing technical articles on Biml? We have added a category to our Browse and Contribute pages that will allow you to link to your own personal page as long as it is about Biml. This enables you to feature your content on your own site, but also to get the benefits of discovery and linking from!

We hope that these added features will bring the community even closer together, while helping you to find the best Biml solutions to problems in your data development work. Please enjoy and let us know what you think!

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