Schema Definitions from an ODBC Text Source



Recently, I’ve worked on disjointed migration project where things just didn’t work the way you expect. For example, you usually like to access data direct from its source (direct from a relational database) but in this situation, this was just not allowed and we were given a load of text files (hundreds) to load. Perhaps not so bad, you may say however, unfortunately, the documentation around those files was incomplete and incorrect. It seems that we spent for too much time confirming valid formats and playing too and fro with vendors – Its not really value adding and lets face it, its not really a good use of time to transfer and manually configure text import. So what could we do? All files were deposited in a directory, so why not use the Schema collections from an ODBC source?

published 05.15.17

last updated 05.15.17



  • #biml
  • #bimlscript


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