Moving ETL Loads to Azure Part1 Webinar Content


Peter Avenant

In this webinar we will go through the pattern required to migrate workloads to Azure. This session will be a live BimlScript demonstration with hardly any slides. The first part of this webinar we will demonstrate cached lookups to identify change and the second part will demonstrate a merge join statement.

published 08.20.14

last updated 08.20.14


You can watch the webinar on Youtube Move ETL Loads to Azure with Biml. We have attached all the code that we have used in the presentation including the Custom Components for 2008R2 and 2012.

Custom Component Disclaimer

There is a database project deploying a database called Bimp and a folder Bimp.Deploy with a Deploy All.bat file. Unfortunately I cannot provide any support on the components at the moment, so please use it as is and at your own discretion. However we have been using these components with Varigence Australia customers in production environments.

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